Best for Teeth Whitening on Amazon

A beautiful white smile can be a real confidence boost especially if you have a special occasion that means you want to look your best. Professional whitening treatments can cost up to £800 with a dentist so many of the home teeth whitening kits are a tempting choice.

We’ve researched, reviewed and tested many of the best teeth whitening kits for home use but the growing popularity for whiter teeth has meant that the range of products has become bigger than ever. The problem is that while many of these products are cheap, they don’t work, or worse they could actually harm your teeth, gums and even your stomach.

A quick search for ‘teeth whitening‘ on Amazon for example reveals a staggering 958 products but which of these products can you trust?

Plus White Teeth Whitening System

Plus+White Whitening Gel

The Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel is one of the cheapest bleaching gels available online. The whitening gel contains Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach teeth in much the same way as dental treatments.

The difference is the strength of the gel is less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide which means that while it will whiten teeth, it will take several treatments. When used twice daily for 2 weeks, most user reviews for this gel are positive.

LA White Teeth Whitening Pen

LAwhite Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth whitening pens are a tempting alternative to gel kits because they are quick to apply and easy carry with you. The gel contained in this pen uses Sodium Hydroxide to bleach stains from teeth in much the same way as Hydrogen Peroxide but with a lower risk of damage to gums. Most users notice results within just a few applications but some people find the gel fiddly to brush on to the teeth and keep it there for long enough to take effect.

Dental White

Dr Georges Dental White

Yes, our top rated teeth whitening gel is available from Amazon. If you want the full teeth whitening kit then you still need to buy from the official Smile 4 You UK website but if all you need is the gel refill then Amazon is well known trusted source. As one of the only teeth whitening kits on Amazon that uses hydrogen peroxide it’s not only fast acting but great value too. Each bottle will give you over 200 treatments for just £24.99.


Brilliant One Week Tooth Whitening Kit


This kit claims to be able to whiten teeth by up to 4 shades in just 1 week but many user reviews suggest that you get what you pay for. Included in the kit is a one-size-fits-all rubber tray that makes it easy for the gel to leak into the mouth and on to the gums which can cause irritation.

Although this is a well known brand and available from Boots and other stores, it’s not a kit suitable for anyone serious about whiter teeth.

Reccomended for Teeth Whitening at Home

Best product for teeth whitening home

With results guaranteed and a proven record of success, the Dr Georges Dental White Kit is based on a formulation of carbamine peroxide, making it one of the best selling teeth whitening kits available.

With prices starting from £24.99, it's our #1 kit for teeth whitening at home.

  • Visible whitening only after one treatment
  • Only need to use for 30 minutes per day
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - Full refund
  • Worldwide shipping from Smile4You