What is the best Teeth Whitening Brush?

Teeth Whitening Brush

They are fairly new to the market but there are now a growing number of teeth whitening brushes or pens to buy.

So is one Teeth Whitening Brush just as good as the other or are some better than others?

What is a Teeth Whitening Brush?

Firstly if you have never come accross a teeth whitening brush before, they are probably the most convenient over the counter teeth whitening product you can buy. They are about the size of a large marker pen and have a brush tip which is used to apply the whitening gel directly to teeth.

Besides being convenient, a teeth whiting brush has proven to provide fast and reliable whitening without teeth whitening side effects being associated with them. This is because a good teeth whitening brush dries quickly which prevents accidental bleach spillage in your mouth or gums.

Choose your Teeth Whitening Brush

We have picked some of the most popular teeth whitening brushes to see how they are different and which one is the best for teeth whitening but we will also look at price and ease of use.

Transformulas Professional White

Transformulas Professional White

The Transformulas professional White Teeth Whitening Brush works by drawing moisture from your teeth through the tiny pores in the enamel. The carbamide peroxide in the whitening gel in the brush enters the pores and begins the process of safely bleaching the teeth whiter. This is exactly the same process used by almost all teeth whitening kits on the market and is show to be not only safe but effective.

The teeth whitening gel then takes around 30 seconds to dry leaving you to enjoy your smile without much fuss. The pen itself is sleek and discreet, it looks a little like an actual pen, and has a nice strong fitted cap that won’t come off in your bag, so there is no chance of leaking.

Price: £20.95
Rating: 7/10
Best place to buy: evolution-slimming.com

Swissdent Stain Whitening Brush

Swissdent Stain Whitening Brush

Unlike other teeth whitening brushes, the Swissdent Whitening Brush works in two stages. The first stage uses an accelerator to prepare the surface of the tooth, meaning that in stage two the bleaching agent can work more effectively. Swissdent claim that their clinically tested whitening brush can remove unattractive stains and whiten your teeth by up to three shades in just 7 days.

Despite the two step process we can’t see much evidence that it’s any better at whitening than any other whitening brush, so for the price it’s not as good value as other options. On the plus side its easy to buy from well known trusted suppliers or over the counter.

Price: £30.95
Rating: 6/10
Best place to buy: Boots

Mint Teeth Whitening Brush

Mint Cosmetics Whitening Pen

Most teeth whitening brushes in the market use carbamide peroxide, but this brush from Mint Cosmetics uses hydrogen peroxide. Studies show that hydrogen peroxide breaks down 400 times quicker than carbamide peroxide so it can get to work whitening your teeth much faster.

The result is a teeth whitening brush that works and works fast. This brush might not look at sleek as the others but Mint Cosmetics offer a money back guarantee for 21 days after purchase if you are not happy with the results which is a good indicator that the company is confident with their product’s effectiveness.

Price: £19.95
Rating: 8/10
Best place to buy: Official Mint Cosmetics Shop