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Teeth Whitening Home

In recent years, teeth whitening has become a huge phenomenon especially with teeth whitening home kits making it more affordable. A whiter, brighter smile is one of the first things that people notice about your appearance. It’s no mystery that whiter teeth make us look younger, more attractive and more confident. This is why men and women of all ages are looking for ways of teeth whitening at home.

Although teeth whitening home kits are very popular, there are so many to choose from all claiming to make your teeth whiter, it can be difficult to know which to choose. Whitening results can range from impressive to disappointing and the methods can range from a simple whitening pen to a complete peroxide whitening kit.

With so many different kinds of kits and products to choose from, spend some time reading our teeth whitening home reviews before you make your choice. We only review teeth whitening products which work and produced by legitimate companies so you won’t find any whitening scams on this site.

Featured Teeth Whitening Home Products

Dr Georges Dental White

Dr Georges Dental White

Dental White is probably the most popular teeth whitening home kit in the USA and it's available in the UK through Smile4You. Find out the facts about this kit before you buy.

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Zero Peroxide

Dr Georges Dental White Kit

Lanuched in 2012, Zero Peroxide is a peroxide free home teeth whitening kit. What makes this non-peroxide kit different and can it really perform as well as Peroxide products?

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Latest Teeth Whitening Home Tips

Keep your teeth whiter by replacing your toothbrush

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important for keeping your teeth looking white and bright. One of the best things you can do at home to get whiter teeth is just to replace your toothbrush every three to four months. In this article, we’ll explain why replacing your toothbrush can help to keep your teeth looking whiter and the other benefits.

Dr George’s Dental White Before & After

I wanted to give one of the most popular teeth whitening kits a try to see how well it really works. For 5 days I used Dr Georges Dental White gel applied using their included teeth trays for 10 minutes every day

How to mold Teeth Whitening Trays

Almost all of the bestselling home kits use teeth whitening trays to apply a gel to the surface of the teeth, read our instructions to see how they work.

Are home teeth whitening kits safe?

Get Rid of Yellow Teeth

The answer to this common question really depends on which home teeth whitening kit you choose and how carefully it’s used.