Teethwhite Home Whitening Kit

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  • Whitening Type: Carbamide Peroxide
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With many teeth whitening kits switching to Sodium Bicarbonate as the main ingredient, it’s not often that we get to review a teeth whitening system that uses peroxide designed to be used at home.

Teethwhite is exactly that so lets see if it really works and what you get for the high price.

Who is the Teethwhite kit for?

There are many reasons why you might want whiter teeth – everyone is different. Very few people have naturally bright white teeth and they will become more discoloured as we get older. The food you eat and drinks such as tea and coffee can stain teeth leaving your smile looking less than white.

Just like the best selling Dr Georges Dental White, the active ingredient in Teethwhite is Carbamide Peroxide which is an effective bleaching agent. At a 16% concentration, Teethwhite is designed to whiten teeth quickly in much the same way as a treatment at a dentist.

What does the TeethWhite kit contain?

The Teethwhite kit was re-launched in 2010 with it’s new modern packaging and contains in enough teeth whitening gel for 15 treatments. Gel for each treatment is supplied in individual ampoules so that you get the correct amount required every time.

  • 16% Carbamide Peroxide gel in treatment sized ampoules
  • 2x Heat formed mouth pieces
  • 1x Mouthpiece case
  • 1x Instruction guide

How to use the Teethwhite kit

Teethwhite Gel

Enough Carbamide Peroxide gel for each treatment is contained in ampoules which can be snipped open and squeezed on to the surface of the mouth tray. With the top and bottom coated you can place the tray on to fresh clean teeth.

Teethwhite actually recommends that you wear the mouthpiece over night as less saliva is produced whilst we are sleeping. While this might be effective at keeping the teeth whitening gel in place for a long period of time some people might not find this comfortable.

We would suggest that you try the first treatment for at least 4 hours while you are sitting still, perhaps while watching TV. This will make sure you are happy with wearing the mouth trays and gives you a chance to monitor the results.

Does TeethWhite work?

Many Teeth whitening kits use Carbamide Peroxide based gels and it’s the same ingredient used by many dentists. The active ingredient penetrates the enamel and acts on the dentine inside to break down organic deposits into smaller lighter particles which lighten the overall colour of the teeth.

There is some debate as to whether Carbamide Peroxide should be sold for teeth whitening home kits since some people claim that is has left spotting on the surface of teeth as well as increased sensitivity. Temporary sensitivity is quite common but should cease when you are not whitening your teeth.

A recent change to EU regulations has meant that teeth whitening kits that contain more than 0.1% Carbamide Peroxide can only be supplied by a dentist although products like Dr Gerorges Dental White are still available via their website since it’s owned by a dentist.

Most people see results after only three or four days of continuous use. The desired level of whitening is often reached within 7 – 10 days of beginning to whiten. That said, individual characteristics and lifestyle will ultimately determine the speed of results.

Teethwhite Bad Points

  • Teethwhite can cause increased tooth sensitivity, but this is usually only a temporary side effect that lasts just a few days
  • The makers claim that your teeth will be 11 shades whiter but the degree of whitening perceived depends on the shade guide you are using. The shade guide most commonly used by dentists would probably represent a whitening of 3-4 shades, which doesn’t sound like much, but is in fact a very significant change in colour, and quite sufficient for most people

Teethwhite Good Points

  • 16% Carbamide Peroxide gel will whiten teeth quickly
  • The teeth whitening gel is the same as that used by most dentists but much cheaper
  • Double sided teeth trays mean that it’s easy to whiten upper and lower teeth at the same time

Teethwhite review verdict

The Teethwhite 16% Kit is an effective and safe way of whitening teeth at home provided you following the instructions and you give it the required time to work. Results can be as good as expensive treatments from a dentist which could cost between £250 and £700 for the exact same process and technique. This is an effective way of whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home, and at your own convenience.

Although a great teeth whitening kit, at over £87 it’s one of the most expensive especially when compared to Dental White which contains a similar Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel but for half the price. Not only does Dental White cost much less but you also get far more gel and additional extras like a blue light accelerator and after care gels.

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Best product for teeth whitening home

With results guaranteed and a proven record of success, the Dr Georges Dental White Kit is based on a formulation of carbamine peroxide, making it one of the best selling teeth whitening kits available.

With prices starting from £24.99, it's our #1 kit for teeth whitening at home.

  • Visible whitening only after one treatment
  • Only need to use for 30 minutes per day
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - Full refund
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