Non-Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening

For many years one of the best ways to whiten teeth at home was to buy a hydrogen peroxide based kit. Used correctly they were very effective and often contained the same ingredients used by dentists. A recent change to the European Cosmetics Directive has meant that it is now illegal to sell products for the purpose of tooth whitening that contain or release more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.

You can still have your teeth whitened with hydrogen peroxide but the first treatment must be performed by a dentist or under his or her direct supervision and even then the hydrogen peroxide concentration is regulated.

Why Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Illegal?

Although products with less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide concentration are still used by dentists to whiten teeth, The British Dental Association said: “High doses of hydrogen peroxide can burn the lining of the mouth if it’s not protected.” Some people using these teeth whitening kits at home reported white spots on their gums or lips, indicating chemical burns, and a similar number reporting brown stains on their teeth, suggesting the enamel had been damaged.

What are the alternatives to Hydrogen Peroxide

There are still many cost effective ways to whiten your teeth at home without using the now illegal Hydrogen Peroxide. The most common ingredient used as an alternative is Sodium Bicarbonate which reacts in a similar way. Upon application, the Sodium Bicarbonate based gel immediately starts to break down into activated Oxygen and water. The activated oxygen then works to remove the colour molecules that have stained your teeth, thus making your teeth whiter.

Not only do these products often work just as well but the are also completely safe to use. Here are some of the best selling alternatives to Hydrogen Peroxide for teeth whitening;

Botanical White

Botanical White

Botanical White is a new UK and EU teeth whitening kit which is peroxide free making it completely safe. It uses 100% natural ingredients to not only whiten teeth but aslo keeps teeth and gums healthy. Botanical White also contains Pomegranate Seed Extract, Aloe Vera and Vitamin D all designed to help promote healthy teeth & gums while they are being whitened.

The basic Botanical White kit costs £29.99 or the full kit which includes a blue light accelerator and after care gel costs £49.99.

Rapid White Blue Light Whitening

Rapid White – Blue Light Tooth Whitening System

Rapid White’s non-peroxide whitening system contains stabilised Chlorine Dioxide, also known as Sodium Chlorite (the accelerator). When it’s activated by acid (the whitening gel), Chlorine Dioxide is released, which penetrates the enamel to remove stains from teeth.

The Rapid White kit costs £30.63 and includes a blue light accelerator making it one of the best value teeth whitening kits with plenty of positive feedback from customers.

Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening

Mint Cosmetics

Previously a Hydrogen Peroxide based kit, Mint Cosmetics is now completely Peroxide free and safe to use. It’s Sodium Bicarbonate based gel is applied with mouth trays and has enjoyed a great deal of positive press coverage including a recent article by Lorraine Kelly.

The Mint Cosmetics whitening kit is more expensive than others priced at £49.99 (approximately $94) comes with 4 x 35% Sodium Bicarbonate gel dispensers which is enough for around 50 applications.

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Reccomended Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Best product for teeth whitening home

With none of the painful irritation that can be caused by peroxide teeth whitening, the Botanical White Kit is based on a natural formulation of ingredients including Sodium Bicarbonate, Pomegranate Seed Extract and Aloe Vera, making it one of the best selling teeth whitening kits for home use.

With prices starting from £34.99, it's our best non-peroxide kit.

  • Visible whitening only after one treatment
  • Only need to use for 30 minutes per day
  • None of the painful irritation that can be caused by peroxide teeth whitening
  • FREE shipping worldwide from Botanical White